Industry Leading Exhibition Stand Designers

At MEMS International, we’re known as the industry leaders of exhibition stand design. We respect the values of exhibitions and always strive to provide effective design and efficient services to meet your strict requirements. Any exhibition you attend will require full attention from your team to attract exhibitors and effectively market yourselves.

When you require exhibition stand designers for your project, you can always rely on our experienced designers – their experience is paramount and their commitment to their work makes them the industry leaders of stand design.

Bespoke Designs For Unique Businesses

Tailored exhibition stands are pivotal for any trade show appearance. There are many key points to consider when creating your stand, and we respect them all in the design, construction and management of your stand.

You will need to ensure that your exhibition stand gets your message across through various mediums; words, videos and displays are all enticing to exhibitors.

You'll also need to ensure that you can catch the eye of exhibitors and attract them to your stand over the competition; we've achieved this for every stand we make, mostly because our exhibition stands are beautifully constructed.

Our final point is that your stand must be unique – never use other ideas to build your stand, exhibitors appreciate originality.

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