Custom Build Exhibition Stands

Exhibition companies can be one of the most difficult things to choose when it comes to designing custom build exhibition stands. Here at MEMS International, we offer full support when it comes to exhibitions for businesses and have worked hard on every project to ensure our client’s receive positive responses from their display.

Having a custom-built stand designed and manufactured by our team is just the start of our award-winning service. When it comes to stands, we can help clients with installation, dismantling, project management and much more. We believe you deserve to have reliable support during the exhibition day and will do everything we can to help you combat the challenge of a marketing event.

Creating unique stands to transform industry standards.

A marketing event requires a high level of enthusiasm. This means that you need to be making the most of the experience and provide potential customers with a marketing experience that is engaging and unique. With our support we can do just that by creating a bespoke stand that is suited to your budget and innovative in design.

To find out more you can take a look through our website or contact us today at and we’ll respond as soon as we can to your enquiry.

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