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  • Gazprom & WINGAS

    E-World Energy & Water 2018, Essen

  • Cammegh

    ICE 2018, London

  • American Express

    Business Travel Show 2018, London

  • London Studio Centre

    Move It 2018, London

  • Verizon Connect

    Commercial Vehicle 2018, Birmingham

  • Wirecard

    ICE 2018, London

  • Natterbox

    Call & Contact Centre Expo 2018, London

  • Viadex

    ICE 2018, London

  • American Express

    GBTA 2017, Boston

  • Tenaris

    Offshore Europe 2017, Aberdeen

  • Marketo

    DM Exco 2017, Cologne

  • Acquia

    DM Exco 2017, Cologne

  • TomTom

    Commercial Vehicle 2017, Birmingham

  • Volkswagen Financial Services

    Fleet Management Live 2017, Birmingham

  • American Express

    Business Travel Show 2017, London

  • Viadex

    ICE Total Gaming 2017, London

  • Telogis

    Commercial Vehicle 2017, Birmingham

  • Gazprom

    E-world Energy & Water 2017, Essen

  • Webexpenses

    Accountex, London 2017

  • Bridgestone

    MRO 2017, London

  • Wirecard

    Pay Expo 2017, London

  • Wild Well

    Offshore Europe 2017, Aberdeen

MEMS International is a full-service, London-based stand contractor that has been designing and building both modular and custom exhibition stands globally for over 30 years. That’s why we are trusted to run the global exhibition stand programs for some of the world’s largest companies and brands.

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A short introduction into why you should choose MEMS International as your stand contractor.

Our creative and innovative approach to every design brief means we consistently deliver award-winning, cutting-edge exhibition stand environments that engage with audiences, enhance brand awareness and deliver a return on investment.
Working across a variety of industry sectors from energy, technology to pharmaceutical, MEMS International designs, builds and manages high quality exhibition stands globally - on-time and on-budget! Whether you require a bespoke 12sqm modular exhibition stand or a 600sqm custom exhibition stand, MEMS International has the innovative stand design concepts and capabilities to build, transport and project manage your exhibition stand anywhere in the world.
Our global expertise means that navigating cultural, political and geographical issues in the remotest corners of the world is second nature to us, and this is what really sets MEMS apart from the competition. Our clients tell us that peace of mind is the most valuable service we provide, because when your corporate image is at stake in front of thousands of potential customers, you want to know that every last detail has been taken care of.

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Exhibition Contractors
During our time as exhibition contractors, we have received some unusual requests over our twenty five years in business. From fetching the drinks to helping with point of sale articles, we don't so much think of our assistance at exhibitions as a job description: we just go with the flow! To get a better idea of what exactly we can do for you as exhibition contractors though it's important to tell you about what we normally do. From your initial idea for your exhibition stand, we'll create a bespoke stand for your business and your customers. We can then transport the stand to your destination, set it up and lay on any graphic or printing assistance you might need. We can then dismantle it afterwoods and even store it or transport it to your next exhibition. When we say exhibition contractors we mean we pull out all the stops to help you make the most of your opportunity.
Exhibition Stand Design
After twenty five years worth of experience in creating the finest and most eye-catching structures in exhibition stand design, you'd think we'd have seen every idea for an exhibition stand. Whilst it's certainly true that we've seen a lot and we know what will capture the imagination and focus of exhibition customers, we also depend on your knowledge of your business to work out the best exhibition stand design for you. If we've learned anything at all from our time in business, it's that you know your business best - so when we meet with customers, they often have their own ideas of how their exhibition stands should look and our job is to take your creativity as our inspiration and then add our practical skills and knowledge to make sure that whether you're among 5 businesses or 50, yours is the one which stands out!
Exhibition Stands UK
Deciding to exhibit can throw up all manner of problems for businesses; from getting all your staff in the right place at the right time to letting people know where you'll be exhibiting. There's also all of the administration, the organising cover for your usual premises if you need to keep business going and the various promotional information you'll need. It's little wonder that so many people feel that they don't want the hassle of having to arrive and set up their exhibition stand. Furthermore they don't want the hassle of having to dismantle everything at the end of a busy day or weekend. That's where we come in - with a full exhibition stands UK service. Our aim is to take the hassle out of your exhibition by providing a full service which means that you're free to enjoy interacting with your customers and we do all the heavy lifting.
Exhibition Contractors UK
When you think of an exhibition, you may be thinking of stands covering the entire hall of a giant exhibition centre such as Earl's Court, The National Indoor Arena or any other huge exhibition centre. Whilst these are certainly the exhibitions which get a lot of national publicity there's a lot to be said for small and intimate venues. Looking at smaller exhibition centres to display your products or services means giving yourself a better chance to interact with your customers, there is a smaller chance of being lost in a sea of exhibitors (which can also save you a lot of money) especially if you end up getting more in the way of rewards. It's comforting to know then that whatever direction you take; large or small, we'll be with you every step of the way. As exhibition contractors UK, MEMS covers the whole of the UK and London.
Exhibition Stand London
Trying to define the size and scope of an exhibition is a tough question to answer. Whilst it's true that not every exhibition is comprised of 1000 stands or delegates, there must be a certain number of exhibitors with exhibition stands in London because it has to be enough of a draw for the visitors. What this means to you is that in any exhibition - from small, major or nationwide - is that you have a lot of competition and unless you take precautions you could be forgotten, ignored or simply blend in with the crowd. That's no good - you want to stand out. What we've found and we've been passing on to our customers for the last twenty five years is that if a company wants to stand out at an exhibition in London it must be dazzling, eye-catching and memorable - just like your business, the visitor should leave wanting more from you.
Exhibition Stand London
We often use our twenty five years experience as a prime reason why customers should trust and look to us for their exhibition stand needs. The three reasons why our experience is good for you can be put into The Good, The Bad and The Ugly. We are the good. Without pretence or arrogance, we wouldn't still be in business after such a long time if we didn't deliver the exhibition stand design in London when our customers want - the best possible results. In our experience, we've also seen the bad and the ugly in stand design and services. Having seen what can happen, we know what to avoid so you get the benefit of our experience and the security of knowing that you won't get the bad or the ugly!
Different Kinds of Exhibition Stand Designers
  • Advertising/ marketing agency
  • Exhibition contractors
  • Full-service exhibition contractors/exhibition stand designers
  • Independent exhibition stand designers
Exhibition Stand Designers London
This is another area to look at closely when choosing an UK exhibition contractor or London exhibition designer to design your exhibition stand. Many marketing companies will offer UK exhibition design or UK stand design services, but will merely outsource all parts of the service to other UK exhibition contractors and UK exhibition designers. You ideally need to locate a Full Service UK exhibition design company that specialises in exhibition design and can fulfill all your needs within one company. Determine if the UK exhibition designers and London exhibition contractors have a full service approach to supervising their customers at trade shows . Insist on an integrated, turnkey service that offers you an error-free UK exhibit design process. Also identify the quality of any London exhibition design work you see. Does the exhibit look nice and stand strong? Many London exhibition designers will overlook basic safety features and cut corners to make your UK exhibition design look its best. Health and safety is an important aspect of the design process that is often overlooked. Happy exhibiting!